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Siamo un'azienda altamente competitiva sul mercato che da 60 anni produce un
Made in Italy di qualità.

Tradition and innovation

The company was initially founded for the production of machinery for shoe factories, quickly becoming one of the most important and prolific companies in the sector. The experience accumulated over the years and the collaboration with highly qualified personnel has allowed us to expand into the hot air heat sealers market, in sectors such as clothing, footwear, boating and tarpaulins and in the air heat sealing sector. hot and ultrasonic.


All our items are designed and produced by us, following step-by-step every phase of production with care, attention and passion for our work. We personally perform every type of control on the single machine (NOT on a sample basis) because each machine must pass numerous and strict tests before being released.

Product customization

We produce heat sealers able to satisfy your every particular need. The quality of the products used, the speed and precision in processing are the characteristics that make our machines reliable at highly competitive prices, both in the national and international market.


The highly qualified staff allows you a top level assistance. You will be amazed how such a competitive price can provide a product of impeccable quality.

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Costruzione Thermosaldatrici e Saldatrici ad Ultrasuoni per abbigliamento, calzatura, nautica, telonistica e macchine per calzaturifici.

Siamo attenti alle esigenze del cliente offrendo la possibilità di poter effettuare prove gratuite sul posto e preventivi senza impegno.

Il nostro miglior successo è la soddisfazione dei nostri clienti.