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Hot air thermosealer

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The VULCAN 3000-E2A Thermosealing Machine is a 7.5 ″ automatic heat sealing machine with touch-screen panel with different axes. Built following the recent EUROPEAN STANDARDS, it is the ideal machine for welding pvc, neoprene etc. It is mainly used in clothing and footwear and is ideal for welding with tape or joining tubulars.

It is equipped with a counter function, saving and loading customized programs and ethernet assistance. There is also an electronic control system (PLC) which allows for important passive safety in terms of machine cycle and maximum flexibility in case of future modifications. It is equipped with the timed belt advance system while the electronically adjustable air temperature can be read on the control panel. The transport of the material takes place through the movement of both transport rollers, whose speed and pressure are adjustable by means of special devices and the speed can be differentiated between the two rollers. The standard arm is 26 mm and is interchangeable

Length 130 cm
Width 65 cm
Height 186 cm
Net weight 134 kg